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If you are shopping for your first boat or your next boat, we would like to tell you about us. What makes us different and how we provide the best boat buying experience, delivery of your new boat, service and warranty.

BUYING EXPERIENCE: Our goal is to make your purchase simple, easy, and straight forward. Our boats are posted on our website,,, and in our dealership with our selling price plainly posted. We do this because we know our prices are competitive. Due to our volume, we buy our boats at the highest level of discount from our manufacturers. We don't play "old school" games with our pricing. No games, no gimmicks, no call for prices, you can see for yourself every day and compare. If dealers do not post their prices in this way, what are they hiding? 

SERVICE: All dealers "SAY" they have good service. We challenge you to ask and compare. We have 7 factory trained technicians. Certified Techs in every engine brand as well. We are the only dealer in the state of North Dakota to receive the prestigious Mercury Service CSI award. We have won this award 5 straight years. We are known and have built our reputation on service.

DELIVERY PROCESS: Every boat we sell is water tested by the technician who rigged the boat. We do an on water PDI (pre-delivery inspection) to assure all system are operating properly. We then give our customers an on water orientation to fully demonstrate all the operations. When you take your boat home you will have confidence knowing it has been to the water twice.

WARRANTY: With most dealerships, if there is warranty work needed, it is scheduled through the service department. If their technicians are 2, 4 or even 6 weeks out... that is when your new boat will receive warranty repair. River City Sports has a designated technician with over 35 years of experience, he is available exclusively to our customers requiring warranty service. In most cases, if we are notified by Monday, we will have you going by Friday.

SUMMARY: There are a lot of good boats out there, but if you are purchasing a new boat, please take all the areas written here into consideration. The best products, are the ones backed by the best service, delivery and warranty departments. We feel if you compare, you will find River City Sports is that dealer. 


Gary Van Beek

V.P. & G.M.

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