2008 Premier 231 Cast-A-Way


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231 Cast-A-Way
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23' 0"


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The Cast-A-Way will take you to the spot where all the fish are jumping. Fully loaded and ready to navigate the most remote fishing cove, this model is a perfect blend of comfort and convenience. With features like two aerated livewells, two Flexsteel® bow fishing chairs, a rear fish center, our new deluxe fiberglass rod locker, and an optional triple tube package for extra performance, all that's left is to pick a spot and cast. PTX Performance Package Take your pontoon to the next level: Premier's patent pending PTX™ triple tube technology is unlike anything you've ever experienced in a pontoon. Available in sterndrive (I/O) and outboard (O/B) configurations, the PTX™ triple tube gives each pontoon unprecedented performance and handling. With our unique PTX™ (available in 30” and 36”) shaped hull, featuring a flat surface and lifting strakes on the inside of the two outer tubes, you'll experience instantaneous planing and unmatched power and stability. The PTX™ ride is as comfortable as you will find on any boat in the industry, even in choppy water. Whether it's the wake of another craft or white caps on a windy day, the PTX™ cuts through the waves to keep you comfortable and dry. The ride of your life!: The PTX™ package—with a flat planing surface and lifting strakes placed on the inside of the two outer tubes—dramatically increases performance, stability and maneuverability, allowing for a quicker response and tighter turning radius. Lifting strakes allow the boat to get up on plane faster, increasing your top speed by about 10%. Premier's extensive research has found that pontoons perform best with strakes only on the inside of the tubes. Placing strakes on the outside of the tubes drastically decreases handling and overall boat performance by working against a banking turn. PTX Hull: Premier's 36" U-shaped tube is unlike anything you've experienced on the water. The PTX has a 12" flat planning surface built into the bottom of the tube giving the boat lift. Your pontoon will get up and ride on the flat surface and perform like a V-hull boat that carves the corners like a competition ski boat. The PTX tube is built out of .125 heavy-duty aluminum to accommodate today's powerful engines. In-Floor Storage: In 2001 Premier was the first manufacturer to incorporate in-floor storage into a pontoon. Like many of our innovations it has since been imitated, but never duplicated. Our 7' long storage area has 15.5 cubic feet of space to accommodate almost anything you need to bring on your boat including, skis, wakeboards, fishing rods, life jackets, or boat covers. Easy Steering: For safe and easy piloting we include hydraulic steering on every PTX we sell. Sure hydraulic steering is not mandatory, but as a buyer you will appreciate driving a boat that handles with the same ease as the power steering on your car. Also ask about power assist for large and twin engine applications. Lifting Strakes: Our PTX package includes lifting strakes on the inside tubes. Lifting strakes allow the boat to get up on plane faster and will increase your top speed by about 10%. Through extensive research, Premier's test pilots have found that pontoons perform best with strakes only on the inside of the tubes. Placing strakes on the outside of the tubes drastically decreases handling and overall boat performance. Premier's lifting strakes are sealed air tight giving our boats a faster time to plane. Fuel Tank: When we designed the PTX our engineers knew that boaters would rather be spending the day out on the water with family and friends than sitting at the gas dock. So we designed a large 53 gallon fuel tank and placed it in the PTX just ahead of the engine. The center location keeps your pontoon floating level on the water and not listing to one side when full of fuel. The large tank gives you a longer operating range and less time at the pump. Ski Tow Bar: Mounted above the engine and bolted into the transom, the ski tow bar keeps your lines out of the water and away from the propeller. Whether you choose skiing, wakeboarding or tubing, the ski tow bar gives you all the performance you need for a day of fun on the water.

    • Overall Length: 22'4”
    • Deck Length: 1725 lbs.
    • Width: 1950 lbs.
    • Weight (2 tubes): 2460 lbs.
    • Weight (3 tubes): 2875 Lbs.
    • Max. Weight Cap. (2 tubes): 3525 lbs.
    • Max. Weight Cap. (3 tubes): 12/14/16
    • Max. Weight Cap. (PTh): 25”
    • Person Capacity (2/3/PTX): 125
    • Tube Diameter: 200
    • Max. HP (2 tubes): 225
    • Max. HP (3 tubes/30” PTX): 22'
    • Max. HP (36” PTX): 8' 6”
    Standard Features
    • 11' Bimini top
    • 16” on-center crossmembers
    • 25” tubes, .090 gauge with .100 nosecones
    • AFT vinyl flooring
    • Bifold rear entry door
    • Bimini trailering kit
    • Bow caddy with speaker (2)
    • Captain's Caddy™
    • Chaise lounge
    • Changing room port side
    • Corner table
    • Courtesy lights
    • Docking lights
    • Dome light
    • Fiberglass angler helm
    • Fire extinguisher & caddy
    • Fishing chairs (2)
    • Flexsteel® 7-Star bow chairs
    • Flexsteel® 7-Star helm chair
    • Fuel tank
    • Heat sealed wire connectors
    • Livewell (2)
    • Marine grade Illusions 28 oz. carpet
    • Navigation lights
    • Paper towel holder
    • Playpen cover
    • Polished corner casting
    • Quick-release Bimini brackets (4)
    • Rear fish station with livewell
    • Rear permanent stainless steel ladder
    • Rod holders
    • Rod locker, fiberglass formed
    • Skirt molding
    • Sony CD stereo with 4 speakers
    • Speedo, tach, volt, horn, trim & fuel gauges
    • Stainless steel cleats
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Tilt steering
    • Trash door on outside of lounge
    • Trolling motor harness gate
    • Vinyl steering wheel
    • X52 Lowrance graph
    Optional Features
    • Sirius® satellite system
    • Lowrance graph & GPS
    • Day enclosure
    • Vinyl floor with snap-in carpet
    • Freshwater wash down kit
    • Triple tube package
    • Ottoman cooler
    PTX Performance Package
    • PTX Hull
    • In-Floor Storage
    • Easy Steering
    • Lifting Strakes
    • Fuel Tank
    • Ski Tow Bar
    Color Options
    • Ebony Mist
    • Platinum Mist
    • Julep Mist
    • Sapphire Mist
    • Sangria Mist
    • Amethist Mist
    • Colors are available in both Grey Pearls (light) and Moonrock (dark) base vinyl colors.
    • Illusions carpet is standard on the Cast-A-Way.
    • Base vinyl on the model is SRX.



    Max HP
    125 hp (2 Tubes); 200 hp (3 Tubes); 225 hp (2 Tubes + 36 in. PTX)


    Deck Length
    22 ft.
    Deck Width
    8 ft. 6 in.
    1725 lbs. (2 Tubes); 1950 lbs. (3 Tubes)
    12 (2 Tubes); 14 (3 Tubes); 16 (2 Tubes + PTX)
    Number of Tubes
    2, 3, or 2 + PTX
    Max Carry Capacity
    2460 lbs. (2 Tubes); 2875 lbs. (3 Tubes); 3525 lbs. (2 Tubes + PTX)